Our core team of multi-faceted learning specialists are passionate and committed to conceptualising and delivering effective and engaging learning solutions, through a wise blend of creativity, technology and processes.

The combined experience of our senior team exceeds 100 person years and spans verticals, such as K12, higher education, informal service trade sectors and various types of corporate training and domains such as education, IT, fashion, manufacturing, health, finance, telecom, entertainment, automobile and many more. Our team members have designed and developed cutting-edge, award-winning learning products for partners across geographies – India, US, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and beyond.

Our versatile and scalable team takes on interventions which range from projects requiring 200+ deployable learning hours as well as short 2 hours tactical learning solutions, with equal aplomb. We mould our processes to always deliver an accurate solution – we repurpose content or do an in-depth research, as required. You will find us equally committed and engaged, whether we are devising and delivering an end-to-end solution or a small support service like localisation.